They Saved $10K And Lots of Stress By Trying Mosie First!

Sonogram of a Mosie Baby

My wife and I came across your product online about a year ago, while we were on a road trip through the Rocky Mountains. We were planning our wedding and dreaming about having a family, unsure if there were any other options than to head to the nearest fertility clinic. We are so grateful that we found Mosie Baby!

We had already decided that we wanted to use a known sperm donor, and we were thrilled when my brother agreed to help us out. After our beautiful summer wedding, we ordered a few Mosie kits but still wanted more information about our options. In Alberta (Canada) you can wait up to a year for an initial consult for fertility treatments, but luckily we got in sooner than we thought. The doctor informed us that the only place in Canada where a known donor can donate sperm is at a clinic in Toronto. We would have had to fly my brother to Toronto for a week of procedures, then wait six months while the donated sperm was quarantined, before finally being able to start with fertility treatments. It would have cost us about $10,000!

This convinced us to give Mosie a try. We ordered six kits, and after only three months we got our positive! It was such a wonderful experience: we loved being able to do everything at home, without any hormones, drugs or other invasive medical interventions. It honestly felt too good to be true.

We feel so incredibly lucky that everything worked out, that we found Mosie and that we get to meet our little one in September!

JD & CD - Alberta, CA
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