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““Knowing that the FDA cleared Mosie Baby Kit was specifically designed for at-home insemination and thoroughly tested, allows me to have full confidence in recommending the product to patients."
- Dr. Erin Wolff, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinologist and Reproductive Scientist

Why Join our Providers Program?
How Mosie Can Help:

The groundbreaking Mosie Baby Kit for at-home insemination is the first and only intravaginal insemination kit cleared for over the counter use by the FDA. Mosie is a prescription free device for use with fresh or donor sperm when trying to conceive. Scroll to the bottom of this page to apply to become a Mosie Provider.

FDA Cleared for Insemination

The Mosie Baby Kit was determined to be “substantially equivalent” to a predicate device used for intrauterine insemination (IUI)


At $129 for two attempts, Mosie is a fraction of the price of clinical procedures. The Mosie Baby Kit contains 2 patented Mosie syringes, 2 custom collection cups, and helpful instructions.


Mosie empowers anyone who wants or needs an alternative to intercourse to try in the privacy of their own home.

Designed for Insemination

Mosie’s patented design features no harsh edges, no barrel at the tip (which can trap sperm), optimal length, and an elongated “slit” opening that mimics mother nature.

Designed for Ease of Use

The Mosie syringe was designed for ease of use, and customers agree - 98% of 350 surveyed Mosie Kit users said the syringe was “easy” and “comfortable” to use.

Rigorously Tested

The Mosie Baby Kit was reviewed to be non-toxic to sperm*, non-irritating to vaginal tissue, and free from microbial contamination.   *HSSA ≥ 80% of control motility after 24 hours

Our Medical Board

Who Benefits from Mosie?

The Mosie Baby Kit is indicated for individuals who have been unable to conceive through intercourse or choose not to conceive through intercourse, for semen collection and the delivery of semen or donor sperm to the vaginal canal.

Percent of people who experience sexual dysfunction after prolonged timed intercourse (source)


Percent of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ+ and need fertility assistance from the start (source)


Only a small fraction of people have ever talked to their doctor about fertility advice or treatments (source)


Thousands of Mosie Families Have Had Success

“After a year of (TTC) frustration, we tried several rounds of IUI treatments without success and ended up spending over $5000 in our efforts. It felt like the clinic was only interested in moving us to the much more expensive IVF treatments. We started giving up hope and accepting the fact it just wasn’t meant to be. This is when we discovered Mosie, and after the third attempt….Success!”

- P & K from New Jersey

“As a lesbian couple, we were looking into our options to make our lifelong dreams of having a baby a reality. Mosie Baby stood out to us as a simple and affordable option. I am so thankful that we were able to conceive our daughter in the privacy of our own home. It was important to both my wife and me for this process to be intimate… We are beyond grateful for Mosie Baby for providing a way for a couple like us to inseminate at home.”

- J & R from Washington

“We tried The Mosie Kit. It didn’t work for us, but it gave us the courage to try artificial insemination through a clinic. Thanks for the courage to try a fertility clinic!”

- BZ from New York

“The summer of 2018 we decided to talk to an infertility doctor. We did all their primarily tests and came up clear. Which means we were under the category of “unexplained infertility”. We decided to wait until the new year to start any treatment and to save money. Then I was introduced to Mosie Baby. Ran it by my husband and we decided why not try it! Two months later we found out we were pregnant!”

- C & K from California

Join our Providers Program

Qualified clinicians and providers (including OBGYNs, Urologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists, Midwives, Acupuncturists, and more) are invited to apply to our providers program. Those accepted will be added to our provider directory and will receive:

One free Mosie Baby Kit sample, rack cards for your office with personalized discounts for your patient population, and Mosie Baby Kit distribution options.

Please complete the short survey below and our team will be in touch:

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