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How Mosie Works

Mosie is the first syringe designed specifically for at home intracervical insemination (ICI), delivering sperm directly at or near the cervical opening with the goal of conception.

The Mosie Method is MD & RE endorsed, simple, safe, proven. In many cases it is worth considering before IUI.

How to use your Mosie Kit

Collect a semen sample in the provided collection cup. Keep this sample at room temperature.
Next, wash your hands. This isn’t necessary for conception, it’s just good hygiene.
Using frozen sperm? Click here

Dip the end of the Mosie syringe into the collection cup and slowly pull plunger to draw the sample into the syringe.
*Quick Tip: Prior to using the Mosie syringe, pull it back and forth a few times. This will help you get comfortable with it. Be sure to push the plunger all the way to the top before transferring any sperm to the syringe.

Get horizontal and comfortable. If possible, use pillows to raise your hips and legs slightly higher than your waist. Insert the Mosie syringe into your vagina just like you would a tampon — up to, but no further than, the handles. (They are actually called a “flange,” which is fun to say). Fully push the plunger to release the sample. Gently remove the syringe immediately after the sample has been transferred.
Dispose of the used syringe.

You’ll need to continue laying down for 15–30 minutes. We recommend listening to music, reading, napping, or saying “flange” over and over.

Timing it Right
We would suggest using Mosie at the very first sign of ovulation, usually about two to three days before the actual ovulation will occur. Then use the next Mosie syringe 18 to 36 hours after that.

You want to make sure you try to conceive prior to ovulation occurring. It takes time for the sperm to swim through your body all the way up to where the egg is released. When the egg is released from your Fallopian tube you want those little swimmers already there and waiting.

Check out our article for more information on how to time it right. Have other TTC questions? Take a look at our searchable database of articles or feel free to send us a note to mosie@mosiebaby.com.
See What’s Inside
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