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When a SMBC had to change donors, she found a lifelong friend!

Single LGBTQ Mama-to-be stands holding her belly celebration of her Mosie baby announcement!

It started off with my best friend deciding to become the donor of my child. When the time came to start insemination my best friend backed out. I didn’t know what to do, where to begin, or where to start searching. Fast forward to learning about Facebook groups and “Just A Baby” app, I found my donor. We met at a restaurant in a public area because I never did this before. We got to know each other and after dinner we went to a hotel. He was very familiar with Mosie Baby and actually had to show me exactly what to do. The first time it didn’t take, but we decided to try at least 3 times before I look for another donor. The second time we did it and fast forward to today and I’m 19 weeks pregnant. The donor is currently Anonymous but strangely want to be my friend because we totally hit it off the times we met up. Not in a relationship way because I’m a lesbian, but just friends. Baby ‘S’ will be here in October, due date is 10.29.21

- L from Georgia