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Blog /Couple Packs Mosie for Hawaiian Vacay, Returns Home to a BFP!

Couple Packs Mosie for Hawaiian Vacay, Returns Home to a BFP!

We actually tried to adopt first! It was always my dream to adopt a kid that needed a family. But we had two adoption agencies go bankrupt on us and take a bunch of our money unfortunately, so we decided to try to have a biological child instead. So we paid to have my husband's vasectomy reversed…but the surgery failed…mid Covid we decided to do the surgery again…and it succeeded! By this point two years had passed and I was rapidly approaching 40. After 6 frustrating and scary months of trying on our own I found Mosie on an IVF Instagram page. The first month we tried it, it didn’t work but the second month we took a trip to Hawaii and brought Mosie Baby along and just got our first BFP yesterday. So so relieved. We really didn’t want to do IVF or IUI and we are so happy we didn’t have to. So maybe it was Hawaii, maybe it was Mosie, whatever it was I AM HERE FOR IT!

- K & B from Canada

K&B WooHoo!!! Love that Mosie with you in Hawaii, and love even more that you returned home with a BFP! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your remarkable story with the community. You've been through so much, we sincerely hope your term and new arrival by way of Hawaii are smooth sailing! Be keep in touch, we’d love a future update. Pōmaikaʻi! - Maureen + Marc


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