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Happy Mosie Baby Monday!

a mosie baby wrapped in a blanket

Hi Maureen!

Wanted to give you a heads up! We welcomed our sweet baby boy last Wednesday on 10/3/18! Born at 36 weeks thanks to Mosie!!!

How long had you tried to conceive? 2 months

Had you tried anything else prior to Mosie? No, we found Mosie online and others, Mosie had the best reviews!

Did you have any particular obstacles like low sperm count, PCOS, etc? A has a tilted uterus and terrible monthly periods, possibly endo but never diagnosed.

Any words of advice or encouragement to others trying to conceive with Mosie or thinking about using Mosie? Don't give up!


B + A - Joliet, IL

Thanks to you both for sharing your adorable little guy with us! He's amazing. And wow, so cool A conceived with Mosie with a tilted uterus! I think thats the first tilted uterus success we've heard and will certainly provide a some hope to others. - Maureen + Marc