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Reserve FSH Tests by Proov

Check on Your Egg Count

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Reserve FSH Tests by Proov
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Fulfilled by our friends at Proov

Your ovarian reserve can impact your conception timeline. With Proov Reserve, you can check on your ovarian reserve status from the comfort of home, without a blood draw. The free Proov Insight app makes it easier than ever to keep track of testing and interpret your results to understand an estimate of where your egg count stands so you can make a plan for now, or later. 

99% Accurate
Numeric hormone values


Your Ovarian Reserve When there are less follicles (and eggs) left, it takes more FSH to select a follicle. So, higher FSH levels can indicate there are less eggs left — information critical to making a plan

What's Included?

  • 6 FSH tests - Enough for 2 cycles!
  • Proov Insight app
  • Proov app card
  • Instructions for use
    *Please see FAQ for device compatibility list

The Science
Reserve tests track follicle stimulating hormone, or FSH for short. FSH is the hormone responsible for selecting the follicle to ovulate in a given cycle.
When there are less follicles (and eggs) left, it takes more FSH to select a follicle. So, higher FSH levels can indicate there are less eggs left — information critical to making a plan!


  • Low FSH results indicate that there likely is no diminished ovarian reserve.
  • Mid-range FSH results indicate ovarian reserve may have started to diminish.
  • High-range FSH results indicate ovarian reserve is potentially diminished.
  • If results are mid or high range, you should discuss with your doctor to make a plan.

Who is this test for?

  • People with ovaries who want to understand their ovarian reserve
  • People with ovaries who are over 35 and trying to conceive
  • People with ovaries who have been trying to conceive, but without success
  • People with ovaries who are not ovulating successfully and want to see if ovarian reserve might be a factor


Do I need an app for this test?

Yes. You must use Proov Reserve with the Proov Insight app to gain full-cycle hormone insights. Please note that Proov Reserve is only compatible with the following phone models:

iPhone 7 or higher running iOS 10 or above Select Android models, all running Android 10 or 11: Samsung Galaxy Note20 or above, Galaxy S10 or above, Moto G or Z, and Google Pixel 3 or above.

If you have a question about your phone model, please reach out to at

What is ovarian reserve?

People born with ovaries are born with all their eggs and do not produce more over their lifetime. Your ovarian reserve refers to how many eggs your ovaries have remaining. Understanding your ovarian reserve can help you have more informed conversations with your doctor and get further assessment, if necessary.

When should I use this test?

Reserve tracks FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) early in the cycle to understand ovarian reserve. You’ll test on cycle days 5, 7, and 9. If you’re not yet familiar with cycle days, no worries! Cycle day 5 is 5 days after the start of your period.

Test FSH levels using first morning urine for the most accurate results. First morning urine should be collected first thing when you wake up after at least a 6 hour hold. Using anything other than first morning urine can cause inaccurate results

What are ideal FSH levels when trying to conceive?

An ideal FSH level when trying to conceive is below 10 mIU/ml. However, one single FSH test is not diagnostic, so we always recommend testing for multiple days (specifically cycle days 5, 7, and 9) to get an average of your levels.

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