Ovulation Predictor Kit
Ovulation Predictor Kit
Ovulation Predictor Kit
Ovulation Predictor Kit
$29 USD

Ovulation Predictor Kit

Why test for ovulation? To have confidence that you're timing your insemination at the right time of the month and (fingers crossed!) make a baby.

In order to conceive an egg must be released from your ovaries, and this magical moment is called ovulation. Before your body releases an egg from your ovaries it will increase production of a hormone in your body called "luteinizing hormones", or simply put "LH". This moment before the egg is released from your ovary is called your "LH surge" and it's a predictor that ovulation is approaching. This is the optimal time to inseminate with your Mosie syringe! 

Luckily for us, the hormone can be measured in your pee - hurray! The Mosie Baby Ovulation Test is designed to detect the LH surge through your urine. Each kit gives you 7 tests, so you have a full week to pee on tests! 

You totally got this. And we got you. Feel free tor reach out if we can help support you in any way! 



  • Simple To Use and Understand
  • Over 99% Accurate
  • Predict Your Most Fertile Days
  • Made in the USA

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