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Blog /Cervical Mucus: Understanding Your Goo

Cervical Mucus: Understanding Your Goo

During a woman’s cycle, she will experience different stages and amounts of cervical fluid. The amount varies from woman to woman, but the type and consistency of the fluid is relatively similar across the board.

Here are three ways to confirm what type of fluid you are producing on any given day. If you're like me, you may have to use all three to confirm.

  1. Slowly wipe your vagina with toilet paper, pulling the toilet paper a little away from your vagina as you do. Look at the discharge. Did it create a stringy strand between your vagina and the toilet paper as you pulled away? Did you see nothing? Is it clumpy or liquid-like?
  2. Examine your underwear. Do you have discharge on your underwear? Is it really wet and gooey? Is it yellowish or white and pasty?
  3. Take your finger and stick it in your vagina. If you are tracking your cervix, then you will already be doing this — great job! This is the most surefire way to tell if you’re ovulating based on the color and consistency of your fluid. What do you see on your finger? Can you roll that sticky stuff between your thumb and your finger? What kind of consistency does it have? Is it clear and transparent?


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