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Single and Ready to Start Your Family?

Many of us grew up watching animated fairy tales and rom coms where the male character would save the day and the happy ending was all about marrying Prince Charming. Today, the Disney animatedprincesses are the ones who save the day. Girls growing up now will know their dreams aren’t limited by their gender. They can have it all – with or without a traditional nuclear family. Women no longer have to wait around for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come along before starting a family. 

More women today are in a position of financial strength and independence than ever before. That fact, along with the advancements in reproductive technology, may be why the birthrates for single women age 35 and older in the United States - is on the rise. These statistics address a growing trend that more women are becoming single mother’s by choice, aka sole parent families.

Melanie N. is a single mom by choice who got pregnant using Mosie Baby. She was one of the very first to write in to tell us hersuccess story

“There was nothing easy for me in the decision to become a single mother by choice. Beyond making sure that I was financially and emotionally ready to take this leap, I had so many logistical questions about the process. How does one even do that? … How much medical intervention was I looking for? How much did I need? … I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to have as natural a process as possible and decided on trying an at-home ICI using donor sperm before moving onto more medical involvement… I did some research and almost randomly stumbled across the Mosie syringe. I was excited about buying something that was designed with this purpose in mind...and I decided to give it a try … I am happy to report that I did my at-home ICI … and Mosie was exactly as described! It managed to draw up all of the specimen; it was easy and comfortable; AND... I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later!” – Melanie N.

So what is Mosie? Mosie is a syringe designed to transfer sperm to the cervical opening with the goal of achieving conception.Check out the video on our homepage which explains how our syringe is created with a woman’s body and comfort in mind. 

“When I saw Mosie’s design, I fell in love. It made complete sense to me. This is an empowering way for single mothers by choice to start their family, and a great option for anyone with no known infertility issues." -Marc Sklar, DACM, LAc

The Mosie Kit comes with two Mosie syringes (two tries per kit) and a specimen cup, along with educational directions. A common question we get asked here at Mosie Baby is:“Does the Mosie Kit come with sperm?” The answer is no - Mosie does not include a sperm sample. It’s the “transfer” method to deliver the sperm. 

We’ve seen folks in the Mosie community have success with several different sperm sources. Some make legal arrangements with friends, or a family member of their partner, others use sperm banks, and still others use donor programs like a co-parenting matching service. 

If you are still deciding between using a known donor or a frozen sperm bank,we have an article that might help on our blog, written by Amanda Hopping-Winn fromFamily Equality.

We have a few close friends who became single parents by choice. We asked them if there were any words of wisdom they could pass along to our Mosie community, especially for those just starting the journey. To start with, not one person had any regrets about choosing single parenthood – and they all had a happy ending. Even so, they said there are a few important things that would have helped to know beforehand:

  1. It takes a village. Yes, you can get pregnant on your own. But you can’t go through the process alone. Make sure you havesupportive friends and family around you throughout the conception process, which is often emotionally taxing. You’ll also need that support system once you’re holding that little miracle in your arms. Which takes us to our next point -
  2. It’sexhausting – during the process and afterwards. The combination of stress and lack of sleep takes down the best of us. Sure, you’ve got more than enough love to give your baby – but you also need to love and care for yourself. Plan ahead as much as you can. One parent said hiring a night nurse for the first few months, and a nanny for the first year - was money well spent. Always have a very long list of trusted babysitters. 
  3. Find your people. You’re going to need a team of support from the moment you get home from the hospital – until they’re in college and beyond. Find your single mom tribe. You need people who know and understand exactly what you’re going through. Talking to single moms before you get pregnant – online or in your community – can also be a great resource for advice and encouragement.
  4. It’s going to cost more than you think.Fertility treatments are expensive, and are not usually covered by insurance. Though, more companies now, especially tech companies, are trying to attract talent by offering fertility insurance coverage. But for the rest of us, it’s going to be pricey. That’s why so many people are trying Mosie first. Mosie can offer the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve tried everything, before moving on to costly fertility treatments at the doctor’s office. 

Here at Mosie Baby, we are honored to be a part of so many families' conception journeys, whether Mosie starts, ends, or is a step in that journey. We are here to help support you on yours so please always feel free to reach out. Sincerely rooting for your success!