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Blog /Mosie Helped Same-Sex Couple Preserve the Intimacy of the Conception Process

Mosie Helped Same-Sex Couple Preserve the Intimacy of the Conception Process

Our conception story is one for the books. As a same-sex couple, we knew our journey would probably take place in a clinical setting, but we did everything possible to avoid that. We wanted it to not be “a procedure” but rather an intimate experience, the same way that straight couple (with no fertility issues) get to experience. That led us to find Mosie! After finding the perfect donor and working out all the details, we flew out to our donor’s city where we enjoyed a wonderful getaway weekend that ended with the intimate artificial insemination. It was great having the non-gestational mom play such a big part of the process, and we can’t wait to start inseminating AGAIN in January so that non-gestational mom gets to carry too. 

- I & P from Brooklyn, NY

I&P, We’re over the moon excited for your growing family! And great thanks for sharing your remarkable conception journey with our community. As influencers, you’re helping to shape the conversation around conception for the LGBTQ+ community and we’re privileged to be a part of that narrative. Wishing you healthy term and new addition! And keep us in the loop, we love keeping up with everyone! - Maureen + Marc

Lesbian couple that used Mosie Baby in their kitchen


Mom holding a positive pregnancy test after using Mosie Baby