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Mamas-To-Be Thrilled They Chose Mosie!

  • 1 min read

6 week old baby girl in a blue Mosie Baby onesie raises on fist in the air and lays on a baby pillow with gray elephants. She has a pink bow and headband on her head.

We are 11 weeks pregnant thanks to Mosie! My wife and I had been trying six cycles prior to purchasing Mosie. The third cycle after using Mosie was successful. A couple of weeks after finding out we were pregnant, my wife (who is carrying) was diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully she and the baby recovered without any complications. We are so happy we chose Mosie and can’t wait to share our story with our baby one day. 

How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months - 12 months
How many cycles did you use mosie: 3

- K & B from Tennessee

K&B, Warmest congratulations to you both on your Mosie success - despite the C-19 scare. Everything is so supercharged scary these days that when something goes right, it feels extra special. Thank you both for thanking the time to share your journey with the community as well. We have no doubt it will inspire and provide hope to others also feeling overwhelmed during this crazy time. And BTW, love the pics and flannels! 😍 Wishing you both a healthy remainder of your term and smooth delivery of your little one. We look forward to meeting your babe when the dust settles! - Maureen + Marc


“I wanted to give you guys an update on our Mosie Baby. 'S' is now 6 weeks old. Thank you again for helping us conceive our baby girl!"


Wife and Wife dressed in flannel kissing above their baby announcement written on pumpkins.

Wife and Wife in overalls and flannel sitting in front of tree and mirror with baby announcement.

Baby girl in Mosie Baby onesie laying on elephant patterned pillow with her arms outstretched

Newborn Mosie Baby girl in onesie yawning and stretching while laying on a baby pillow and wearing a pink headband with bow.