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Blog /Mosie FAQ /Using Mosie with Cryogenically Frozen Sperm

Using Mosie with Cryogenically Frozen Sperm

Many in the Mosie community have used frozen sperm with success! As with all procedures, individual results may vary depending on age and obstacles.


The "unwashed" ICI version is preferred for home use. Check out our video here:https://youtu.be/pDIMlcoDKw0 to understand the difference between ICI and IUI sperm.


Most IUI vials are quite small to work with and unfortunately, Mosie does not fit perfectly into a frozen donor vial. If you do decide to use Mosie with frozen sperm here's what you need to know... The "unwashed" ICI version is preferred for home use. This will give you 1 ml of sperm to use.

IUI vials are designed for direct placement into the uterus. This is not recommended to be done on your own without help from a medical professional. As the specimen is inserted directly into the uterus, bypassing the cervix, it is a smaller amount, about .5 ml. Some Mosie users have used two IUI vials, however, we understand that is expensive to do and not right for everyone. 


So how do you use Mosie with frozen sperm? Check out our video here- https://youtu.be/0yRWqIjGpXU

We've partnered with Cryobank America and filmed the collection process when using frozen sperm! 


The first thing you need to do is to allow the sample to liquify. Once it does, use it immediately. You’ll pour the sample into our collection cup and then carefully absorb the sample into Mosie.

You are introducing an extra step with the transfer from vial to cup, but don’t worry, it's perfectly fine. As long as the majority of the sample is successfully transferred you’re good! Follow the standard instructions from here, it’s pretty simple (gravity plays a significant role!). Remember, all it takes is one.

Please research the laws in your state or country when working with a donor and if you have any questions please do reach out via email at mosie@mosiebaby.com. We are wishing you success and are happy to support you as best we can!