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After 2 Year Battle with Infertility, Couple finds Mosie Online and Gets BFP!

Wooden name sign read Orion Thomas, laying next two two sonogram images on baby blanket.

When my husband and I started trying to conceive our first child in January 2019, we imagined it would happen quickly. We were so wrong. After six months of nothing but big fat negatives, we knew something was up. We went to our doctor and were told that we would have to wait until one year had passed to do any testing or start any treatments. When we came up on one year of trying with no luck still, we went back for some answers. Unfortunately, we did not receive any, as both mine and his tests came back normal. We were given three months worth of Letrozole, and told to return after that if we still had no luck. By the end of those three cycles the pandemic had started, and all my fertility appointments were cancelled until August of 2020 when we discovered that I was not ovulating without the help of medication. When we were still not pregnant by November of 2020, our doctor started discussing IUI and IVF with us, but we were apprehensive; we wanted some more answers before we embarked on such an expensive journey. We decided to schedule a HSG for January of 2021 to make sure my tubes weren’t blocked. Right around this same time is when I discovered Mosie Baby. My husband and I decided that, before trying IUI, we would give Mosie Baby a shot. Our very first cycle after my HSG results came back normal, we tried Mosie Baby. I cannot even begin to express how I felt when I got my first positive pregnancy test just 8 days after using our second syringe. After just one try, Mosie Baby gave us our miracle we waited two years for. We cannot thank Mosie Baby enough for saving us so much time, money, discomfort, and heartbreak. Our little miracle will be arriving this November!

- N & Z from Texas