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Blog /Mama’s-to-Be Actually Had a Laugh When TTC with Mosie!

Mama’s-to-Be Actually Had a Laugh When TTC with Mosie!

My partner, “N”, did most of the research and found Mosie on Instagram! So we placed our first order and started the search for a donor. Luckily, a friend of mine generously donated sperm for me and for my partner as we were both trying to get pregnant at the same time. My partner luckily got pregnant after her 2nd cycle! We shared some good laughs picking up the cup of swimmers from his mailbox and inseminated in our back seat a few blocks away from his house! I gotta say it was an interesting experience driving back home seeing my partner's legs up in the air through the rear view mirror, lol, she is due May 2021, and we are having a baby boy! We are so grateful for the easy-to-use Mosie Kit!!  You're a part of our special story!

A&N - Love your story and the beautiful pics! Congrats to you both on your positive and for figuring it all out and doing it your way. It’s our privilege to be a part of your special story. And thank you for taking the time to share the details of your journey (especially the visual of using Mosie in the car 😄👊). We know it’ll generate plenty of smiles and lots of inspiration too. OMG, you guys are due any minute according to when I’m writing this! Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly. We’d love a pic of Baby “J” when he arrives and the dust settles! 😍 - Maureen + Marc

Two mamas-to-be are arms up in celebration with confetti in front of orange trees
A women on the left holds a confetti cannon towards her wife, standing with arms up in celebrations in front of orange trees
Newborn baby lays asleep in crib with letter board with text: "Arturo Jhett Montanez, May 12,2021, 7 lb. 15 oz."
Baby laying down with mamas kissing him one each cheek