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Mamas-to-Be Kept TTC in the Family With Some Help From Mosie

Sonogram of a Mosie Baby!

I’ve been wanting to get pregnant for years now but didn’t have the support I needed, and I was told with my PCOS it would probably be difficult to get pregnant, so I never even attempted. I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years and got with my now fiancè, and she was on board for kids as soon as I was willing to try. So we bought the Mosie Baby Kit in the beginning of August, used an app to figure out my ovulation day, which was August 28, her brother donated sperm, we inseminated 3 times the week of my ovulation, and I got pregnant on my first try. And we are due to have a baby in May!

- C & P from Texas

C&P - What an awesome story! Love that your fiancé’s brother was able to play a part and of course that Mosie was able to successfully get things from A to B! Congratulations to you all. And thanks so much for taking the time to share this remarkable story with the community it will absolutely make a difference in like-minded others’ journeys and provide some inspiration as well. Wishing you a healthy and smooth term and new addition!  - Marc + Mo