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Blog /Mosie Helped Their Dream Come True Despite Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis

Mosie Helped Their Dream Come True Despite Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis

Thank you so much for making this kit. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility in November. All tests came back clear. We were always of the mindset of “if everything works, then we have to be able to get pregnant”. We purchased Mosie as our Hail Mary before we started discussing what our other options would be. One cycle, 2 inseminations and 10 days later, we got our positive, and now my lifelong dream of becoming a mother is coming true. Just typing this out I am overcome with emotion and we will always be #TeamMosie.

Did you face any obstacles?   Unexplained Infertility 
How long were you trying before Mosie: 13 months to 18 months
How many cycles did you use mosie? 1

- D&J from Ohio

D&J, Warmest congratulations to you both on achieving your goal! We can directly relate to feeling like it’s all a dream especially after the unexplained infertility diagnosis. Sometimes it just means changing a single variable and Mosie helps with exactly that. We’re thrilled for you both and thank you so much for sharing your journey with the Mosie community as we know it will help others find answers. Wishing you both a healthy term and smooth delivery! And do keep in touch, we’d love to keep up with everyone! -Maureen + Marc