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Blog /Mamas-To-Be Switched Gears and Uteri - Found Success with Mosie!

Mamas-To-Be Switched Gears and Uteri - Found Success with Mosie!

“J” and I tried to conceive at home for seven months before learning that IVF would be the only option for me as a gestational carrier. We swiftly switched gears and uteri, we are so thankful for our flexible and down-to-earth known donor. In September 2020, we inseminated Jessica using the Mosie Kit for the first time, twice during her fertile week not thinking anything of it because we had not been tracking her cycle as closely as we had mine. Fast forward two and half weeks to our BIG FAT POSITIVE! We are so excited to be welcoming our baby girl in late June 2021.

- J & M from California

J&M, This may very well be the first time “uteri” has been used in a story! ❤️ it! We commend you both (and your amazing donor) for adapting in the face of adversity. It speaks volumes to how committed you both are to your incoming little one! We’re thrilled that Mosie was able to help out. We thank you both for sharing this remarkable journey with us and the Mosie community. And we know like-minded others looking for answers will benefit from your story. Wishing you both a safe and healthy term. We’d love to e-meet Baby “L.S.” when the dust settles! - Marc + Maureen


Two moms announcing their pregnancy with Mosie.

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