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Blog /Genetic Setback Didn’t Stop Them From Achieving Their Dream!

Genetic Setback Didn’t Stop Them From Achieving Their Dream!

My husband and I tried conceiving on our own for over 3 years. We finally decided to seek help and started numerous tests to find out why we were having difficulties. We found out that my husband has a genetic condition called Azoospermia, which means a zero sperm count. This meant that our only options were donor sperm or adoption. My husband's brother offered to be a donor. This was the only donor option my husband was comfortable with, and since it was a known donor, we decided to try it at home to save money. Fertility treatments are expensive and this seemed more private and comfortable. After researching, I found the Mosie Baby website. I had no previous experience, and had never tried any other product. A lot of articles suggested using a regular needless syringe, but after I found Mosie Baby I watched the informational video and started reading everyone's story. This product was specifically designed for what we were trying to do, and there were so many success stories using it. Given all the obstacles we faced, I decided to give it a try. The product came with detailed instructions, which seemed silly but were very helpful, and it was very easy to use. We expected it to take 3-6 months for a positive pregnancy test, but we received our first positive after the first attempt. I gave birth to our first baby, a boy, September 2018. Everyone has a different circumstance, but this product completely met our needs and was a vital tool for our success. Thank you Mosie Baby!

HD - Royal Palm Beach, FL

HD, what an amazing and courageous journey you guys have had! Were so happy that the outcome was this little bundle of joy. We've been amazed at how thoughtful this community has been about achieving the goal of starting a family. This story certainly ranks among the top, and we know it will have a positive impact on others facing similar challenges! Sincere thanks for sharing. - Maureen and Marc