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Blog /When Intercourse Was Not Working, They Turned to Mosie!

When Intercourse Was Not Working, They Turned to Mosie!

My husband and I got pregnant what I considered “easily” the first time around. Within 2 months we were pregnant with our daughter who is now 3.5. About 2 years ago we began to try again, and it seemed to be challenging. We had an early miscarriage in 2020. I was sent to a fertility clinic, and began the process of deciding a plan. We continued with monitored cycles through blood work to determine ovulation. Typical intercourse was just not working! I’m a planner and researcher so I looked everything up. I found mosie! We got pregnant the first time using it, unfortunately that ended in miscarriage. Then a few weeks ago we went to get blood work done for the next cycle. They said, “hey you’re ovulating”, I said to my husband alright let’s do mosie again! Here we are holding our breath, but pregnant!

Did you try other methods with Mosie? Timed Intercourse

How many cycles did you use Mosie? 2

How long did you try before Mosie? 18-24 months

- S & M from Connecticut