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Blog /Back Problems Made TTC Difficult Until They Tried Mosie

Back Problems Made TTC Difficult Until They Tried Mosie


I wanted to thank both you and Maureen for making Mosie. And Id like this review to be anonymous since my husband is a bit shy with how we ended up needing to go about trying for a baby. I want to respect that but also leave you guys an awesome review.

My husband has had bad back problems for awhile now, and that made trying for a baby very hard.

However within the second month of trying, we conceived thanks to your product and helpful videos! I am a little superstitious so I did not say anything until now, but I am now five months pregnant, going on six, and we are expecting a beautiful baby girl! It is all thanks to your product which was so simple and easy to use, not to mention comfortable!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you both, and I plan to use your product again when we get to the point of trying for a second baby!

Attached is a picture of my positive pregnancy test I took months ago.


JA - Phoenix, AZ

JA, were beyond thrilled for you both and your new addition! And we commend you both for choosing to share your remarkable journey. Were here because of you and others like you that are not afraid to share their unconventional journeys to baby! Your choice to come forward will no doubt inspire others and result in more happy Mosie families! So thanks! -Marc + Mo