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Blog /Frozen Sperm Plus Mosie Equals Conception!

Frozen Sperm Plus Mosie Equals Conception!

We loved your product and will definitely use it again (unless we somehow conceive twins!). For your knowledge, with the Xytex vials, we did need to put the specimen into the cup provided and suck it up like that. However, we didn't lose hardly anything. The first vial we were able to suck up everything, and the second vial only the tiniest amount was left in the cup. 🙂

WE’RE PREGNANT!!! The doctor confirmed it this morning! It's crazy, we conceived on our first at home insemination using Mosie Baby syringes! Thank you again for making such an awesome product and talking me through using it with frozen vials! We couldn't be happier! 

We would love to share with the Mosie community and help provide hope for others looking into your product! We read so much before trying, it was hard to stay positive. I’d love to help people see that it’s possible! 

LS from Michigan


L&S, We’re over-the-moon excited that Mosie helped you conceive with frozen sperm. Beyond that, we’re grateful to you both for sharing the details of your actual experience using Mosie with frozen sperm. Not only is this useful to us internally, but it will certainly be useful to others considering a similar conception route. Wishing you both a healthy term and new addition! -Marc + Maureen