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Blog /From Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis to Research, Knowledge, and Conception!

From Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis to Research, Knowledge, and Conception!

We were trying to conceive for about two years, five years prior to that we weren’t exactly trying, but we weren’t avoiding it either. At the beginning, I assumed that if there was something wrong, it wasn’t because of me. I had two children from a previous marriage with no problems. 

We finally decided to go see a fertility doctor and get some testing done to see if there was something wrong. My husband’s sperm results were off the charts excellent. This led our doctor to believe that the problem was with me (enter panic mode, thanks to my overconfidence of me not being the problem!). Our doctor did tests to check the age of my ovaries and thought I might have endometriosis given the details of my menstrual cycles. The age of my ovaries came back much younger than what they should be, which was a good thing. All the tests and bloodwork for testing endometriosis came back negative. 

Here we were with that dreaded “unexplained fertility” diagnosis, and all of our baby-making parts were in fabulous condition. Hearing the word "unexplained" felt almost worse than hearing something was wrong. At least if something was wrong, we would know why we weren’t able to conceive. Long story short, the fertility doctor had us do two rounds of Clomid that didn’t lead to pregnancies. Then our insurance changed, and we no longer had fertility coverage. We were pretty devastated and now trying to save for more fertility treatments.  Talk about added stress.

Having a baby got put on the back burner for about four months. We were both burnt out, stressed out, and the topic would almost always end up in a fight. I started researching changes in diet and essential oils…no luck with that. I had read about someone doing an at-home insemination and started researching, that's when I (thankfully) stumbled across Mosie Baby. I started reading about and performing basal body temping and that’s when everything started to come together. I knew exactly when my body was doing thanks to ovulation prediction tests and my temperatures. So, we did a trial month to see when my body was ovulating, and the next month it was go time with Mosie Baby. My cycles are short, so we literally only had a TWO-day window of opportunity to make this happen this cycle. Fast forward four weeks, and here we are with a positive pregnancy test. Some (most) may say four weeks is too early to detect a positive test...if your cycles are normal, probably.  But when your cycles are only 23-25 days, four weeks is totally confirmable.

My advice to others that are trying is to get to know your body and when it’s doing what. Many apps predict when you’re fertile based on an average. This average was not even close to the timing of when my body was actually ovulating. Knowledge is power. 

Mosie was easy to use and didn’t cause any discomfort!

Thanks again,

A & J from California


A&J, Warmest congrats on your success with Mosie. Beyond that kudos to you both for not giving up, doing a little homework and ultimately achieving your goal. We closely relate to your story. Two+ years of trying led us to do much of the same work and ultimately to start a company devoted to helping people figure this stuff out. We’re very grateful that you’ve allowed us to share your story with this community as well. As you know, knowledge really is power and along with that your story will provide hope to others feeling lost in “unexplained infertility land”. Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition! -Maureen + Marc