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Blog /After Using Other Syringes They Decided to Try Mosie

After Using Other Syringes They Decided to Try Mosie

I waited till 12 weeks to let you know, but I'm pregnant for the first time thanks to Mosie! I'm 35 and my husband is 49. We tried for about 1.5 years with no apparent reason for infertility other than age and not having sex as frequently as would be ideal. My husband struggles with performance anxiety and that got much worse once we started TTC. I started using regular syringes and that was fine but I really liked the shape and length of Mosie and we had success the 3rd cycle trying with it. Thanks very much for your work.

Did you try anything at a doctor's office: Clomid
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 3

- M & G from California

M & G, What a journey you two have experienced - one that we know so many will relate to! We are so honored to share your story and know that performance anxiety while struggling to conceive is so very real. It happens to so many people! Wishing your family all the best and CONGRATULATIONS! -Marc + Mo