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Blog /After Miscarriage, This Family Found They’re Little Blessing

After Miscarriage, This Family Found They’re Little Blessing

My wife and I were at a stage in our life that we were settled and secure. The only thing missing was a little baby. So doing some research we discovered this kit. We ordered it and it’s been a blessing ever since. We initially got pregnant August 2018. But were sadden by the news in early September that we were going through a miscarriage.

So we didn’t give up hope and and after the stage was over we tried again and in November 2018 it happened and latched!

We found out that our little nugget was a boy in January of 2019 and were super thrilled! (We both hoped for a boy) August 2019 we were blessed with our little boy Owen.

Both times of pregnancy we only tried 1 time and it worked both times. Thank God for a trusted donor that has very good genes but weak ones! We are a lesbian couple and our donor has very similar features to me. So much so that Owen looks more like me more than my wife and she carried him!

We thank Maureen and the crew so much for giving us this opportunity to have a baby of our own. This completed our family and now our golden retriever has a little human too!

To everyone using it, trying it or thinking about it, it’s worth it and hang in there! Your time will come and when it does you’ll have your miracle baby too! 

- C & T from PA

CT, What a blessing it is to receive your story! Congratulations to your whole family, golden retriever and all ❤️ We are super thrilled for you and are delighted to hear your story. Thank you so much for sharing with the Mosie Community! -Marc + Mo