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Blog /A Baby Making Process for Uncertain Times

A Baby Making Process for Uncertain Times

Given that my husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary earlier this year, we knew that we wanted to start trying to have a family this year. However, when COVID hit, we wondered whether or not we should continue with those plans, especially because my husband is a frontline worker at a local healthcare facility. Given his increased likelihood of potential exposure, we were also nervous about getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. He'd tested negative for COVID many times, but we were still socially distancing at home as an extra precaution due to his job. We are also both older in age and got married in our mid-late 30s: I'm 38 and he's 42. So, with time not being on our side, we did some research online and learned about Mosie Baby. We thought this might be a solution for our baby making process in these uncertain times. I had already been using an ovulation app on my phone and we decided that we would try a few cycles of Mosie before considering more advanced options (IUI, IVF) if that did not work in Fall 2020. We received the kit in the mail and it was simple enough to use. While we were not successful the first cycle, we were the second time around. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks, where I could see a flicker of the baby's heartbeat! We are so thankful to have heard about Mosie and that it worked for us. We are now praying for a healthy full-term pregnancy and thankful that life can still find a way even in the most trying of circumstances. Thanks Mosie Baby!

- T & E from Massachusetts

T&E, What a world we are living in these days! We are keeping you all in our hearts and sending you so much love - congratulations on your success! And thank you to your husband for his work as a frontline worker. May you all remain healthy, strong, and safe ❤️ - Marc + Mo