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Blog /Mosie Ensured They Didn't Miss A Window and Success!

Mosie Ensured They Didn't Miss A Window and Success!

I was on birth control for over 6 years and finally got off to try for our 2nd kiddo. We tried with the Mosie Baby kits during August and September and got our big fat positive 3 weeks ago!! Thank you for this amazing kit, it was so easy to use and made conceiving a breeze!!

When I found your product, we weren't having any "trouble" conceiving yet or anything like that. What prompted me to start looking for at home "IUI" help was the fact that my husband and I both travel for work. I was tracking my cycles with an Ava bracelet, so I had my fertile window narrowed down to a precise 48 hours. In instances where my husband was leaving on a business trip at the start of my fertile window, I didn't want to have to skip a month of trying, so I had him leave me with a sample before leaving town. On top of the traveling situation, my husband is 37 and I am 36 and our son is 6 years old. We didn't want to try for an extensive amount of time if we could avoid it because of our ages as well as the age of our son and the age gap that would exist between him and his sibling. Initially my husband wasn't too keen on the idea of the Mosie Baby kits, but once I showed him how easy it would be, he was in! We had our first sonogram and doctor's appointment yesterday. We are due on June 16th (Father's Day) and we think the baby looks like a gummy bear right now. Thank you for creating such an easy to use and effective product for at home insemination. 

Mr. and Mrs. AH in Texas

What an industrious couple you two are and what a terrific story. We just put out a video on who can benefit from Mosie and now realize “busy people” are certainly an ideal fit for Mosie! Thank you both for “teaching” us a little more about how Mosie can help as well as providing hope and inspiration to others! -Marc + Mo


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