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Blog /A New Baby for the New Year after PCOS Struggle!

A New Baby for the New Year after PCOS Struggle!

It wasn’t until I had my first daughter that I learned I had PCOS. Throughout the years, my relationship made me uneasy about wanting another child. I was worried about the one I already had feeling unloved, due to that her father and I didn't stay together. I didn’t want her ever feeling like just because she had a different father, that she wasn’t as loved. I worked through that concern, and by the time she was 5-6, I started feeling like I was ready for another. And so was she! I spent a couple years trying to find a suitable partner and no luck, so I decided to look into insemination. Early in 2021, I did meet someone and decided to try again the old fashioned way, but no luck due to my PCOS. That made it a struggle so I looked into Mosie. We attempted for months with no luck, but surprise surprise, happy new year to us! Just after the first of the year, I was able to conceive and we are now expecting our precious bundle! I am so thankful for Mosie for giving me an opportunity to be a mommy again, and experience this great journey.

How long did you try before Mosie: 6-12 months
What obstacles did you face: PCOS

- N & R from Ohio