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Blog /They Always Knew They Wanted Kids But “Sex was a Challenge”

They Always Knew They Wanted Kids But “Sex was a Challenge”

We knew we always wanted kids but sex was a challenge. First it started with her experiencing a lot of pain due to Vaginismus and then with me experiencing Performance Anxiety. Initially we tried to overcome this by ourselves, but what really helped was getting some professional counseling help. Things got a lot better after that, and having Mosie really gave us the confidence that we can separate out pleasure and the act of making a baby. Our advice to anyone in this spot would be to firstly be open with each other and share your feelings and your fear and seek out professional help. It's way more common than is talked about.

- S & G from California

S&G,  Thank you for sharing your advice about being open with your partner about your feelings and fears. Your story resonates with so many that we hear privately! Being able to separate baby-making and sex is something that has been helpful for a lot of folks. We are so excited for your family to welcome your little one and so appreciate you sharing your journey with us! Congratulations! -Marc + Mo