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Blog /Nuptials and a Mosie Conception Despite, Despite, Despite!

Nuptials and a Mosie Conception Despite, Despite, Despite!

After our July wedding plans were delayed due to COVID-19, we decided we should go ahead and start the #Mosie process (as my uterus is considered geriatric).

Well, as the universe would have it, we got that #BFP after the FIRST try!...despite the pandemic, despite the fact I had just lost my job due to company layoffs, despite being uninsured, despite, despite...

We quickly switched gears, applied for a marriage license, contacted some friends and on September 27, 2020, we said "I do", surrounded by 4 masked/socially distant loved ones.

It wasn't what we had planned, but it was the most perfect day -- beyond our wildest imaginations.

Baby Hall is due February 27, 2021 and we are so very thankful.

- L & J from North Carolina
*photos by Areon Mobasher*

L&J, What a joyful story...despite, despite, despite! 💝 We love everything about it and Areon’s beautiful photos with your glowing faces...I (Marc) was a professional photographer in my previous life. Life is full of “despite’s” especially lately, but when people decide to “live” anyway...we’re all inspired. So thank you for the smiles. Oh and warmest congratulations on your Mosie conception and your nuptials! We have no doubt that not only will this story inspire others to forge ahead, but hopefully to do it with laughter. Please keep in touch, we’d love to e-meet your little one when the dust settles! In fact have Areon do a family portrait! - Marc + Mo

Mosie Family at their wedding Mosie family at their wedding