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Blog /After incorporating Mosie into their TTC Routine, they got their BFP!

After incorporating Mosie into their TTC Routine, they got their BFP!

My husband and I decided on the eve of our 2nd wedding anniversary, that we would begin to actively start trying to conceive. After following various apps to make sure I was in my fertile window as well as using ovulation prediction kits, we tried for 3 months, but we weren’t seeing any results. 

My cycles are on the longer side anywhere from 38 to 50 days, so after 3 months of trying we checked in with my OBGYN and he diagnosed me with irregular or absent ovulation. After 2 cycles of Clomid (ovulation stimulating medication) we conceived but a couple of days later we sadly had a miscarriage. 

We then completed 2 more cycles of Clomid, but we were not successful. Having that small glimmer of hope that, ‘Yes, we can conceive’ we completed an HSG (hysterosalpinogography) to make sure there was no blockage in my fallopian tubes or uterus and sperm analysis to rule out male factor infertility in my husband. 

My OBGYN let us know that my tubes and uterus were fine and my husband’s sperm motility/count were in normal range but we would need to increase my medication to get my body to ovulate. 

My husband and I decided to do a natural cycle of trying before starting a new round of medication and possibly seeing a fertility specialist, if we had another failed medicated cycle. I saw an advertisement on Instagram for Mosie, did some research and said, ‘Hey, let’s give this a shot and give our natural cycle try an extra boost!’ 

Thankfully, after using Mosie just once (we didn’t get a chance to use our second syringe) we got our BFP! Since we decided to try an unmedicated cycle in October, I strongly believe Mosie made the difference in conceiving and now 3 weeks later, still being pregnant! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Anonymous

What a journey you both have been on! Doing — and learning — whatever you can in order to conceive is a long journey but all your work paid off. We’re honored that Mosie could play a small part in your story and that you and your BFP are thriving. Congratulations! Marc & Mo