Mosie Insemination Kit Reviewed by fertility Expert

Mosie syringe with the word review

About a month ago we shipped a few Mosie Kits to DNA Fertility Coach Lin Weinberg to review.

It turns out she kinda loves Mosie! Not only has she become our first official" reseller (Yay!), but she and her wife have decided to use Mosie on their own fertility journey (Double Yay!!).

Lins comments:

"My wife and I did our first home insemination today with Mosie. It was fantastic! No second guessing ourselves anymore as to how far to push the device inside or if we had gone far enough.  It didnt waste any sperm and when using frozen sperm every little bit counts. It also felt really nice.  You have a great product. Thanks for creating it!"

Lin is the founder of Spoken Origins and Your Fertility Guide her speciality is helping folks get pregnant by incorporating their DNA into the equation. Its cutting edge stuff and can be the missing link to the complicated fertility question.

Were thrilled to know that shes placed her confidence in Mosie and our fingers are crossed for a BIG FAT POSITIVE for Lin!