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Blog /Our Path to Parenthood with Mosie Despite Vaginismus

Our Path to Parenthood with Mosie Despite Vaginismus

We heard of Mosie online and although a bit dubious we thought maybe this is worth a shot!

I have vaginismus which makes penetration basically impossible and extremely painful. For 10 years I have been trying to resolve the vaginismus with counseling, physio and dilators without much success. We desperately wanted to start a family but had pretty much given up on the idea as not being a possibility for us - IVF and assisted conception was suggested by gynecology but as my vaginismus stems from a gynecological medical trauma this wasn't something I felt would be possible either.

Then we discovered Mosie, and ordered a kit thinking maybe at home in a safe, controlled, stress-free environment we could give it a try and see what happens.

As mentioned before penetration is very painful for me (even something as small as a tampon) however the shape and size of the Mosie syringe, combined with plenty of the lubricant which we also ordered made things fairly easy.

We tracked my ovulation and used the kit twice as per the instructions (which were very easy to follow) and to our huge shock not that much time later we found out it had been a success and I was pregnant!

Our miracle baby is due in 2 weeks time and we cannot wait to meet her! We cannot thank Mosie enough for helping us get here, we never thought a baby would be possible for us but Mosie and all the Mosie stories gave us hope.

- N&G from Armagh