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Vaginismus diagnosis wasn't a barrier for this Mosie family!

  • 2 min read

I have multiple gynecological issues which to this date are yet to be resolved. I have severe vulval pain and vaginismus. As a result, intercourse has not ever been possible for me. I am undergoing various forms of treatment.

As a result of my condition I did not think it was going to be possible for me to conceive. It was something I mentioned to my husband before we got married but being so positive and supportive he never saw it as a problem and believed there would be a way (although I was extremely skeptical).

We decided to book an appointment at a fertility clinic to find out the options available to us. We had some fertility tests which all came out clear and it was suggested that I have artificial insemination under sedation before attempting IVF. The cost of the treatment was really high (particularly as it could take multiple attempts and also may not work) and I wasn't keen on being sedated. This was when I found Mosie Baby online. I sent a link to my husband and we decided it was worth a go at a fraction of the cost. After going through every bit of the website I felt confident that it was designed to do the job as well as be as comfortable as possible.

We tracked my cycles and ovulation for a couple of months and then decided to try Mosie. I fell pregnant on our first go and couldn't quite believe it. Due to me not being able to tolerate internal examinations I had a cesarean section and I am now mum to a beautiful baby girl born in February (2018)

I wanted to write this so that anyone facing these barriers to conceive can know that is it possible. If you are using dilators as a form of treatment and can insert the first one then you will be able to use Mosie (it required a bit of relaxation, use of dilators before insertion and breathing) but I was able to use the product and even better got a big fat positive!

Mr. and Mrs. ES in London, England