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From Heartbreak to Elation: An Amazing TTC Journey

  • 2 min read

A pregnant woman, a sonogram, and a 3-D ultrasound in a collage

Marc & Mo,

Just dropping a little note to let you know how grateful we were for your support and kind words after our miscarriage in October. We took a little break, but are happy to report that we are pregnant again! My wife is 13 weeks and we're due in November. We used our last remaining Mosie syringe and are telling everyone how well this product works!

Thanks again,

A & S - Topeka, KS

So A and S originally reached out to us one year ago (October 2017) to announce that they'd conceived on their first attempt with Mosie (after 7 previous attempts!). They were obviously thrilled as were we. However like many things in life, things didnt turn out as planned, and they unfortunately miscarried several weeks later. We didnt hear from them for awhile and then received the note you see above along with a few images this past spring (2018). A lot can happen in a year. And this little family certainly had its ups and downs. But perseverance paid off and we couldnt be happier for them. Just amazing. Wishing you both a smooth delivery and healthy new babe next month! - Marc & Mo

Side-note: This is the first story of this kind weve decided to share, but not the first occurrence. Wed like everyone to know that miscarriages are extremely common regardless how conception occurs. There is nothing to be ashamed of and although painful, theres no one to blame. It happens. We encourage you to stay positive and engaged. Dont give up. If youre able to conceive once, youre very likely able to conceive again. However if youre experiencing multiple miscarriages, we highly recommend checking in with your doctor. Often there are very simple treatments a doctor can prescribe if this is happening to you. And if theres any questions we can help with, please always feel free to reach out. Were here to support you!