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Family Planning With Mosie. Say Hello To Baby "B"! (We're In Love.)

  • 2 min read

A baby in a Mosie baby onesie being help by two moms

Hello Maureen,

My wife and I have been together for almost 8 years. It was a quick whirlwind romance and 11 months after we met, we married in a commitment ceremony on the steps of the Texas state capitol. We've married each other twice more since then as the laws allowed it. Once in Boulder, Colorado while vacationing and then exactly one year later in our home state of Texas when the Supreme Court ruled the ban on same sex marriage unconditional. We knew since the very beginning that family was important to us and that we always wanted to start one of our own when the time was right. Waiting for the perfect time over the years was sometimes frustrating and heartbreaking as we watched our dreams come true for others around us and it seemed our time would never come. As the years passed we worked diligently on becoming our best selves and on building a strong relationship. We also worked towards another goal of buying our first home. In 2016 that dream became a reality and we bought a small fixer-upper outside of town and got to work making the place our own. Shortly after we moved in I saw an ad for Mosie Baby online. I knew we still had a ton of work to do on the house but just buying the kit made me feel better, a little bit closer to our someday baby. We had talked about all of the different options we had to conceive and knew that we wanted to begin our efforts at home surrounded by all of the love and positive energy that fills our space. Mosie Baby seemed like the perfect solution for us; it was easy to use and not intimidating at all. In the months before we started trying I focused on healthy eating habits and began incorporating regular yoga and meditation into my weekly routine. When it finally came time to start trying we used fresh donor sperm and inseminated three times during my fertile week; once every other day. Then we found ourselves in our first ever TWW! We never really expected it to work on the first try but, IT DID!!! Our biggest dream has come true; I am currently 12 weeks pregnant!!! In the end, thanks to Mosie Baby, the hardest part of our TTC journey was taking the leap of faith to just start trying! We are forever grateful for Mosie!

SO - Jonestown, TX

SO, we so love your story and Baby B. You two really did your due diligence in planning your family and were so happy to have played a small part. And deciding to share your journey will impact so many others in a positive way! Our sincere thanks and hoping Baby B is thriving! - Maureen & Marc