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Blog /Daunting Journey Ends Happy with Beautiful Baby “W”!

Daunting Journey Ends Happy with Beautiful Baby “W”!

My partner and I knew we wanted a child. Her brother offered to be our donor several years prior to us trying. Our biggest hurdle other than having no idea if I was even fertile, was distance. He lived 8 hours away from us. My cycle has always been very different month to month with ovulation occurring from day 11 all the way to 20. That’s the thing about conceiving, TIMING is everything! It was so daunting. We made the drive a few times trying a couple times each trip with no success. We used standard syringes each time. I saw an ad somewhere about Mosie and decided to order. I thought “What do I have to lose?”. We didn’t end up trying again for almost another year later. He was on his way through town visiting. I had been testing for ovulation and hadn’t gotten a positive (about day 18-19 of my cycle). I asked my partner if we should even try. She said “Of course we should!”. Along with Mosie, we used a fertility friendly lubricant to help get those suckers up there to find their way and stay! Two weeks later I took a pregnancy test and got my BFP! I am so thankful to Mosie and more so to my partner. Without her encouragement, we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter. Thank you Mosie!!

- K & M from Oregon

K&M, Warmest congratulations to you both on the arrival of this little beauty! She’s perfect. We’re privileged to have played a small part in your conception. Thank you both for sharing your remarkable journey. You navigated some serious hurdles to meet your little, one and we know that others will benefit from reading your story. It warms our hearts knowing that the words “of course we should” changed your lives forever in the best way possible! - Maureen + Marc

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