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Blog /A 2nd Mosie Baby En Route For This Growing Family!

A 2nd Mosie Baby En Route For This Growing Family!

Marc & Maureen,

How are things? Merry Christmas Hope you are having an amazing holiday season! We are checking in to say thank you! once again! We used Mosie on our peak day, December 7th, as I have been tracking my ovulation but we missed the month of October & November because we sold our home and purchased a new one and have been doing renovations. And Guess What!? This morning we got our BFP!!!! Can you believe it!? One time and we are pregnant (again!!)

Our little Isabella is 11 months old and I cant believe that she is going to be a year old in less then a month!! We couldn't of made our little family without you guys and we are so grateful!!

Merry Christmas and thank you once again!!


E & BJ - Kingston, NY

What wonderful news for your growing Mosie Family! We couldnt be happier for you all especially big sister Isabella! What a journey its been for you guys, 4 failed IUIs followed by 2 Mosie conceptions (read the original story here)amazing. Thank you for sharing this happy news with us and allowing us to share with the community as we know it will inspire others! - Maureen & Marc