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After a year and a half, they tried Mosie!

couple standing in front of rainbow heart banner holding a sonogram

We’d been trying for about a year and a half before trying Moise. We’d been lucky to immediately fall pregnant once we started trying (July 2020), but unfortunately that ended in an early miscarriage. 4 months later (December 2020) we once again had success, but this pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage with a d&c. After that second loss, we began struggling to conceive. We saw an RE about 9 months (November 2021) after the second loss and had a minor surgery, the RE didn’t recommend any further treatments unless we had no success for 4-5 months. We began trying again and on the third month we decided to give Mosie a go! We knew we’d be gearing up for IUI if we weren’t successful and thought it best (and cheaper) to try this first. After two cycles on Mosie, we fell pregnant once again— and are now near our second trimester!!

How long did you try before Mosie? 18-24 months

What obstacles did you face? Unexplained Infertility, Miscarriage, Tilted Uterus, Secondary Infertility

- H&O from California