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Blog /A Journey to Parenthood with Mosie Baby

A Journey to Parenthood with Mosie Baby

I wanted to reach out to say such a sincere and heartfelt thank you! My husband and I started our journey with Mosie Baby back in 2021 when we conceived our now 19 month old daughter. Prior to using Mosie baby we had been going through our fertility center. Both my husband and I have obstacles to make having a baby more challenging and by the end of testing we had ultimately been told that if we wanted to proceed with IVF or an IUI we would need to use a sperm donor. I was determined and refused to give up and that is when I discovered Mosie Baby. I did lots of research and we combined mosie with many other wives tale suggestions and got pregnant the first cycle with our daughter.

We honestly were so over the moon excited but didn’t think we’d be lucky a second time when we got to the point to try for baby number two since we were told by countless Doctors that it just wouldn’t be possible for us. Until, we just used Mosie Baby AGAIN for the first cycle (after having been trying for several months without) and have just found out we’re expecting baby number 2! I do not know what magic is in your product, I can only say that if you ever need anyone to sing your praise, we are your people! We live in Canada so we were very disappointed to know you don’t ship here anymore but made the trip across the border to Target to purchase another kit in order to try again and we are so so overjoyed that we did. Thank you, Mosie Baby!

- R&T from ON