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Blog /After 3 Years TTC, Success and Twins!

After 3 Years TTC, Success and Twins!

My husband and I were TTC for ~3 years. We started with a fertility clinic a year ago and IUI was recommended. I was told that I had 1 fibroid, but it supposedly wasn’t a concern. My hubby had low sperm count, and issues with motility and morphology.

I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of IUI and all it entailed (due in part to the sperm handling time limits, which due to Covid restrictions could not be collected at the clinic). So we decided to start with timed intercourse with ultrasound monitoring and an Ovidrel shot... and Mosie baby (of course).

The month following was the worse menstrual pain I’ve ever experienced!! I have since my teen years dealt with painful menstrual cycles (6 on a scale of 0-9)... but this was different. I was up all night for 2 days and found a pelvic pain specialist. I soon found out that I had not 1, but 3 fibroids, and 1 was a moderately sized intramural fibroid and was causing uterine distortion.

After having surgery to remove the fibroids, I was told to wait until February to start trying again. My hubby had stocked up on Mosie baby (he went to retrieve some from a CVS not too far away since he had received a generous gift card for CVS) and we were ready, waiting to try again. We were hoping to use it at the beginning of February, but I sadly did not have an LH surge. I was so sad, and that cycle was short as usual (21-23 days is typical for me). But what excitement we had when the next cycle had an LH surge!

My hubby was adamant that we time with Mosie baby exactly as recommended (embarrassed to say we did not follow timing *exactly* for both sessions the 2 Mosie attempts before). I put my legs on 3 pillows and stayed horizontal for an hour each time. Well, when day 23 came with none of the usual signs of a period, I got excited. Praise God— a BFP, finally!! Yesterday, we had our first prenatal appointment and we are expecting not 1, but 2 Mosie babies!!! And when the nurse and doc did measurements on the ultrasound, it showed a 2 day difference. My dear hubby surmised “that was from using Mosie”. We both thank God for His timing.

We were planning to go back to a fertility specialist with the period that didn’t come. Thank you Mosie for making a product that both my hubby and I felt very comfortable and excited to use, and for sharing all the wonderful testimonies of Mosie success stories. The work you do is definitely inspiring and encouraging! Hugs!

S&J, Illinois