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Blog /De-Stressing TTC With Mosie

De-Stressing TTC With Mosie

After trying the old fashioned way for 5 months, we could never get the timing right, and the stress of trying to conceive for my 4+ days of fertility was stressing both of us out. So after hearing about Mosie we decided this was the next step. I felt the most confident after using Mosie, because I knew that the sample was delivered to the right spot, but wasn't going to count my chickens early. I started to feel a bit different around 10 DPO but after months of negative tests I really didn't want the disappointment again. I took by BFP on DPO 11 and it was Positive within a minute of taking the test. I couldn't believe my eyes, and was in total disbelief. We are over the moon and can't wait for our December baby to show up!

-B and M from Colorado