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A Little Research Went a Long Way In Helping This Couple Conceive

  • 1 min read

We had just made the decision that it was time to add a member to our family, I started tracking my period and ovulation at that very moment. I searched many websites and videos about what the best in home insemination products would be, and I luckily came across Mosie. 

I watched videos and read all the information and decided it was the best option. When the time came we made sure to have everything ready and on our first attempt we were able to conceive. I bought an early pregnancy test to confirm and when the weeks came confirm with blood work. And now I’m 11 weeks and the baby is growing healthy. Thank you!

- G & J from Nevada

G&J, Your story is a testament that a little at-home research goes a long way in finding the best fertility options for your family! How exciting that Mosie worked for you on the first try - congratulations to you both on your incoming October baby! Marc & Mo