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Her “Nursing Brain” Said Yes to Mosie!

  • 1 min read

Her “Nursing Brain” Said Yes to Mosie!

My wife and I knew we wanted to conceive. As a registered nurse I am very familiar with reproductive modalities. I came across Mosie and I fell in love. My nursing brain said “ this is genius and going to work”. I tracked my ovulation for 6 months, bought 3 Mosie Kits during the Black Friday sale and planned to inseminate in January. We inseminated in January and just delivered a beautiful baby girl! We owe our at home success to Mosie! I’m really looking forward to using the other kits we purchased for future babies!

- K & S from California

K&S, Loving this beautiful pic of Mamas-to-be! 😍 We’re thrilled that your nursing brain fell in love with Mosie and even more thrilled to know that you had success and your baby girl is here 🙌! Thanks to you both for thinking of the community and sharing your beautiful story. We know it will inspire others charting their paths to family. Squeeze your little one for our little team! - Marc + Mo