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LGBTQ Mama’s-to-Be Say “Whole Mosie Process Was So, So Easy!”

  • 1 min read

LGBTQ Mama’s-to-Be Say “Whole Mosie Process Was So, So Easy!”

I am in a same sex relationship, and we were both very excited to start a family. However once we attended an (expensive) fertility specialist appointment, and she explained all the tests and things that needed to be carried out, I decided to look for an alternative as I am young and healthy, and half of the tests seemed unnecessary and painful. After lots of research and finding a donor that we were happy with, we gave Mosie Baby a go! For the month prior, I tracked my ovulation using ovulation trackers (pee sticks and apps) to get a feel and a better understanding before we started.The whole Mosie process was so, so easy!!! The syringe is shaped perfectly so insertion is easy and pain free. Just relax and insert like a tampon! Five weeks later and we were so shocked to find out it worked, we hadvonly tried once!!!! I can’t thank and recommend Mosie Baby enough!

- S & B from Australia

S&B - Congratulations on your BigFatPositive! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us - and the Mosie community! We understand how costly, and sometimes invasive fertility tests and procedures can be. It warms our heart to hear how trying Mosie first, was such a stress-free and positive experience for you! That’s one of the main reasons we designed Mosie - to help make the process of trying to conceive easier - especially when you need a little help. Enjoy this special time (and uninterrupted sleep while you can) ;-)  Please keep in touch - and we’d love to e-meet your little one! Wishing you a healthy, and safe term. -Maureen + Marc

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