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Mosie Gave Them Peace of Mind Knowing They We’re Doing Everything They Could Before More Invasive Steps

  • 1 min read

Thank you very much for the very kind note and for your excellent product!  We just finished trying our round two of Mosie yesterday, and we won’t know for another two weeks if it worked for us. I bought 2 more packages for round three just in case - hopefully to be returned, we’ll see! No matter what, I feel that your product really increases our chances each cycle, and I’m so glad that you sell it.  Thanks once again, and for giving us the peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything we can before possibly going onto more invasive steps in another few months.

- D from MA

D, We so appreciate hearing from you on your journey and continue to root for you! Sometimes it helps to try a few things at home prior to the more invasive options at the doctor’s office - and we are so glad the Mosie Kit is able to help you along the way. Sending you hugs! -Marc + Mo