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A 10000000% Recommendation

Wow. What can I say besides THANK YOU!!!! My husband and I have been trying for 3+ years to conceive. After being discouraged for so long we finally saw a fertility specialist. She said we were both healthy and everything looked good for a baby. So why haven't we been able to get pregnant? Who knows. She recommended that we start with IUI. I really didn't want to spend all the money on IUI when it's still not 100% positive that you will get pregnant. I had been researching a lot and read several success stories on Mosie. WE decided to give it a try before going deeper into the medical side of things. Our very first cycle trying Mosie we got pregnant!!!!!! I can't believe this is finally happening and I am SO thankful to Mosie. For anyone struggling with conception I would 10000000% recommend Mosie. It is so much more comfortable than the medical side of conception too. I don't know what else to say other than thank you thank you thank you. You've helped to bless my family in such an amazing way.

- J & Z from Texas

J&Z, We are10000000% excited for you and your family! We’re so honored you gave Mosie a try and touched to hear your story of conceiving after three plus years. And glad to hear it was a comfortable process for you too. Congratulations! Sending you so many hugs! - Marc + Mo