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Mosie Allowed Them To Conceive Baby #2 Their Way

With our first son, we tried for 2.5 years to get pregnant. We had the assistance of multiple health professionals and many failed IUI’s.  The entire process was supposed to be a wonderful bonding experience, yet the “process” of getting pregnant really took a toll on our marriage.

When we decided to try again I came across your product. We were determined to take the pressure off this time and try to actually enjoy the experience and connect, sans medical professionals. Because nothing says romance like frantically driving to the fertility clinic with “the boys” sitting in the cupholder lol. 

I’m elated to let you know that on our second month of trying we got a big fat positive! 

As of today, I’m 8 weeks pregnant! My husband and I are a little in shock at how quick the process was. Thank you for such a wonderful product that really was easy to use, comfortable, and non-judgemental. Thank you for letting us accomplish something so beautiful on our own.  

-CT from Canada

Ah, yes, that very sexy drive to the fertility clinic is something we experienced on our journey to conceive our first as well - which also left us wanting to find a more thoughtful approach at home! We are so glad the Mosie Kit was able to help you and your husband inseminate safely at home for your second! Congratulations to you, CT! We are truly wishing your family the best! -Marc + Maureen