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Wanting To Avoid Spending Big, Mama’s Opt for Research, Mosie and a Known Donor

  • 1 min read

Two separate sonogram images of a Mosie Baby in utero.

My wife and I were wanting to have a child but not spend thousands on thousands of dollars doing so. I did research, and there are a few products like Mosie on the market, but Mosie had the best reviews and so many stories. So we found a local donor that was able to give a fresh sample. We had him health tested, and we went about the process. I will admit it was AWKWARD to say the least (getting the sample), but hey you have to laugh a little otherwise you're stressed! We inseminated two days before ovulation and the day of, and here we are....Due Nov 2020.

- A & G from South Carolina

A&G, We’re so happy you found us and even happier that you guys are now one of the “many stories”! Love it. We thank you both for taking the time to share your journey with the community. We suspect you know how meaningful it will be for another family navigating their own journey! Stories like yours...making even a simple suggestion like making sure you add a little laughter to the process, make all the difference. Wishing you both a safe and healthy journey and new addition! - Marc + Maureen