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A positive attitude, with assistance from Mosie, helped this LGTBQ family get their BFP

  • 1 min read

An expecting Mosie Parent holds up a positive pregnancy test.

First time momma here. I just found out this morning. I had just started trying. It was my first insemination. I love Mosie. I swear by it. I'll tell everyone about it. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Any advice I have for people is to keep a positive attitude and speak a positive result into existence. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year and thought it was time to try to conceive. We are one of the lucky couple's that succeeded the first time and we're doing everything in our power to keep this baby safe from stress and any other bad factors that could be dangerous for the next nine months.

- CU from Ohio

CU - Congratulations on your first BFP! We’re honored Mosie could play a part in growing your family. We totally agree that keeping a positive attitude during this process, despite any roadblocks that may come along, is such an important part of anyone’s conception journey. Thank you for giving other Mosie Families something to look forward to! Marc & Mo